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On 14th November 2018, the Supreme Court, London, upheld previous judgments in favour of Regency Villas Owners Club against Diamond Resorts (Europe) Ltd and others regarding the legal rights of Regency Villas Owners Club occupiers to use the golf and leisure facilities on the Broome Park Estate and to do so free of any charge. The judgment upholds the right of Regency Villas Owners Club occupiers in the 26 private two bedroom holiday Villas on the adjoining Broome Park Estate, near Canterbury to use the Championship Golf Course, Swimming Pool, Tennis Courts, Squash Courts, croquet and putting lawns, gardens, the public floors of the Mansion House Hotel and any other recreational facilities on the Broome Park Estate without any charge.

The Chairman of the Club’s Management Committee, George Edwards, said, “Diamond Resorts are the largest leisure resort owner in the World and this was a classic David and Goliath legal battle, a case of a large Corporation demanding golf and leisure charges to which they were not entitled”.

The Club can celebrate winning a hard fought struggle and is now able to release a number of resale holiday weeks which had not previously been advertised awaiting the legal status of the golf and leisure facilities without charge being confirmed by the Supreme Court. Bargains are available for the annual enjoyment of families in this secluded location close to the City of Canterbury in our beautiful part of Kent. Please contact for details.

The PDFs of the Judgement of the Supreme Court are available on their website. “Latest Judgements”.

Please contact for details.

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This area will be developed when broadband available at RVOC. The Club has made a case for support from Kent County Council Rural Broadband Framework Initiative sponsored by the Government and is awaiting action.

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